Clamping systems


Clamping systems


Since 1996, when TEDA introduced on the market the first pneumatic quick tool change system, the evolution of this accessory, vital for the press brake productivity, never stopped.

Starting from a clamping system characterized by frontal loading and the need to modify the tool junction tag(model 13101), TEDAmoved on to a lateral loading (mod. 12131)this is because in addition to the need to be able to use standard tools, the least expensive and the most easily available on the market, the customer needed to be able to continue to use the existing tools in the workshop.

However, the circle of innovation was not complete: the lateral threading solution, while offering good savings in terms of time and effort, could not match the advantages that front threading would have offered: TEDA has continued to study and invest and today, finally, we can say that we have reached the optimum with the SPEED GRIP series: frontal loading, no modification of the tool, dimensions absolutely reduced to a minimum, possibility of always mounting the tool upside down, automatic recall of the tool at the stop, self-alignment of the tools, certain locking of even the smallest sectioned parts, use of standard tools with wide tolerances on the connection tangs, total absence (with the STAR model) of supply pipes between one module and another.

Speed Grip series

Fast clamping system for tools Promecam style

A clamping of absolute quality, which has no equal on the market, entirely produced in Italy, the result of the many years of experience of our designers, used by numerous manufacturers of press brakes.

  • SPEED GRIP allows to minimize machine downtime: set-up time savings of 80% compared to a traditional manual clamping.
  • Available in both automatic pneumatic and manual versions, it works with standard tools and is based exclusively on the geometry of the coupling teeth. Three pneumatic versions.
  • It does not require modifications of the tool, nor tools unrelated to locking (keys to tighten, levers, etc.).
  • No effort on the part of the operator, who works in complete safety. Even when the locking is open, the tools remain firmly hooked to the teeth: to extract the tools it is necessary to carry out a precise release sequence that is impossible to obtain by chance.

Pneumatic systems

Upper systemLower system
Stile PromecamSpeed Grip STAR
Speed Grip FLEX
Promecam clamping
Stile New StandardW-Teda
Air Grip Axial
Air Grip Table

Manual clamping systems

Upper systemLower system
Stile PromecamSpeed Grip MANUAL
Stile New StandardAxial manual